Byodo-In Temple – Valley of the Temples

As my thoughts are quite active lately, I’ve been craving serenity. Last week, I adventured around the beautiful landscapes of O’ahu for that much needed R&R. As a Southern California gal, I am used to sunny skies and endless ocean views, so during this trip I have found an extra special place in my heart for the sites my eyes have never seen. The Byodo-In Temple brought on an energy like never before around me, in which I was able to realign with my surroundings and find peace within myself.

The Byodo-In Temple is located in the Ko’olau Mountains in Kaneohe, which is about a 27 min drive from Waikiki Beach where I stayed during my trip. The temple is surrounded by lush landscaping to the skies and miles around, a koi fish pond located directly in front, and wild life such as peacocks and cats roaming the grounds. As for a little history… The Byodo-In Temples was established in June 1968, to honor the 100 year anniversary of the first Japanese immigrants to settle in Hawaii. The Byodo-In Temple in O’ahu is a smaller-scale replica of the 950-year-old Byodo-In Temple in Japan, which I would love to see one day. It was eye-opening to see such a beautiful designed temple as I find architecture fascinating.

I was amazed at my minds ability to escape itself, to only soak in the serenity and culture around it. The Byodo-In Temple is a Buddhist landmark that welcomes people no matter their beliefs, to admire the beauty of its surroundings as well as a place for meditation, which is what I believe I was missing. Just simply walking around the grounds, taking in the beauty of the land along with the fresh cool air, I let go of the inner turmoil that I was holding on to prior. It felt like magic.

It was truly an inspiring awakening. I could go on and on about my experience, but I believe the photos take the words right out of my mouth.

Before entering the temple to stand in front of Buddha, you are required to remove your shoes. Buddha is surrounded by beautiful followers along with a place for your offering if you wished to contribute.

The Byodo-In Temple is located in the back of the Valley of the Temples. Even thought a memorial ground, it is breathtaking. As you drive to the Byodo-In Temple, you will see shrines and sanctuaries located on both sides of the road. It is a one-of-a-kind place and a must-see if you plan to visit the island of Oahu.

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  1. Karilyn
    December 15, 2015 / 6:43 PM

    Looks beautiful! If i had just looked at the photos I would have never guessed this was in Hawaii! What an awesome find. I have been to Japan and visited Buddhist temples all over the world – they are all so beautiful and spiritually mesmerizing!

  2. Carmen | Carmen's Luxury Travel
    December 15, 2015 / 7:43 PM

    At first I thought you were somewhere in Japan, and when I read these temples are in Hawaii I was blown away. I haven’t been to Hawaii yet, but will definitely go visit the temples when I do go.

  3. Estefania
    December 15, 2015 / 8:37 PM

    I cannot believe that this amazing place is in Hawaii. I need to visit it when I travel to Hawaii. The pictures are lovely!

  4. Small Town Washington
    December 16, 2015 / 3:25 AM

    If I make it back to Hawaii I will have to check this place out!

  5. Tiana
    December 17, 2015 / 5:29 PM

    How amazing and beautiful! I want to go next time we are in Hawaii

  6. Debbie @ Traveling Well For Less
    December 17, 2015 / 8:25 PM

    Beautiful. So glad you posted this – we were there but didn’t want to pay the entrance fee. Yeah, sometimes being cheap means you miss out on things.

  7. Malia
    February 10, 2016 / 10:10 PM

    We actually lived a few minutes away from the Valley of Temples, but it took like 2 years to actually visit the temple. And it wasn’t even planned, we did a hike near the pet cemetery at the front entrance and just decided to check out temple. It was complete serenity and I told my husband if I died, I would say choose to be buried in the Valley of Temples! Great post and love the photos!

    • February 11, 2016 / 12:14 AM

      I envy where you live.. The drive to the temples was breathtaking. As a tourist, just driving around the island was amazing.

  8. Amy
    July 14, 2016 / 1:21 PM

    What a beautiful place! It looks like an amazing trip!

  9. Ashley
    July 14, 2016 / 2:41 PM

    What a gorgeous temple! I had no idea this was in Hawaii.

  10. Irina
    July 15, 2016 / 5:42 AM

    It’s my dream to get to visit that part of the world. Everything seems so different and wonderful over there.

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