In honor of my love for fashion, I would like to share with you a little recap of my experience at Fashion Week San Diego 2015. Fashion Week San Diego 2015 was hosted in La Jolla,… View Post

Our lives are nothing less of extraordinary. We have the divine power to wake up each morning with the chance to be the amazing people we want to be. It is by the opportunities that life provides us, that truly… View Post

There is no doubt that last nights event was a success! The La Costa Film Festival kicked off 2015 with the Sip & Savor Gala + ‘All in Time’ Kick Off Opening Night on Thursday, September 10th. As I am quite the enthusiast… View Post

I have the extra urge for excitement now-a-days. When opportunities present themselves, I get the motivation to start thinking outside of the box and move towards the next big adventure(s). x  For a fun post,… View Post

As a blogger, I find inspiration in my thoughts. My thoughts are very poetic and often hard to get out of my head. #WriterProblems {Read more about me here!} ++  My schedule has been quite… View Post