Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit Dupe + Review


In the beauty world, Anastasia Beverly Hills products are all the hype. One in particular, the Anastasia Contour Kit, has been featured in countless beauty reviews, tutorials, and more. There is no doubt that it is an exquisite product

>> Excellent Pigmentation <<

>> Soft and Blend-able <<

>> Great for All Skin-tones <<

But… What if I told you about a product that makes your skin look fabulous and at half the price??

I happened to stumble across this gem at Ulta and it was a must grab! The NYX Highlight and Contour Pro Palette is a near perfect dupe to the Anastasia Contour Kit in both color selection and overall purpose of the product. You can find the Anastasia Contour Kit here and the NYX Pro Palette here.

The NYX Highlight and Contour Pro Palette comes with 4 highlighting and contouring shades (at $25) and the Anastasia Contour kits comes with 3 (at $40). When comparing, keep it mind that when it comes to the color range, the Anastasia Contour Kits has the greater advantage. The Anastasia Contour Kits comes in two separate palettes: a Light to Medium & a Medium to Tan. The NYX Palette does come with a variety of pigments, but they may not be targeted to darker complexions. Another comparison and a key highlight is that both palettes are refillable, giving you the full artist advantage to customize the palette to your liking.

<<< Highlight Shades >>>

{H1| Creamy and soft to the touch; Iridescent Pearl Highlight; Sheen}
{H2| Buttery but not as soft as #1; Pink-Toned Highlight (Can be used as as setting powder, especially under the eyes and in the T-Zone); Matte}
{H3| Chalky to the touch but little to no fall out; Neutral-Toned Highlight (Neutralizer; great for under the eyes to brighten dark circles); Matte}
{H4| Creamy and smooth; Iridescent Golden Highlight; Sheen}

<<< Contour Shades >>>

{C1| Silky and soft to the touch; Light pigmentation (great for extra fair complexion); Matte}
{C2| Creamy, buttery texture; Bronze/chocolate pigmentation (beautiful tone!); Satin}
{C3| Chalky to the touch but no fall out; Medium-rich brown; Satin}
{C4| Silky and smooth to the touch; Rich-deep brown; Matte}

The photos above show a light dusting of the pigments and is used as an example. Keep in mind that the pigmentation of these shades can be intensified when using more product in layers along with primers, etc. The pigmentation is rich in color… more so to the naked eye.

<<< My Thoughts >>>

Overall, this is a fantastic product and looks amazing on the skin. I have normal to oily skin which can easily move product throughout the day, especially in my t-zone and right above my contour line. I have to apply a mattifying powder about mid-day, slightly blending over my contoured areas, but this does not effect the product whatsoever. I do believe the pigmentation in the Anastasia Contour Kit is higher and more luxurious but the NYX Highlight and Contour Pro Palette can still act as a great alternative and it is reasonably affordable. Accentuate your beautiful features with this palette as I believe it is a staple piece to any makeup collection!

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