Fashion Week San Diego 2015

In honor of my love for fashion, I would like to share with you a little recap of my experience at Fashion Week San Diego 2015.

Fashion Week San Diego 2015 was hosted in La Jolla, a location of beauty in itself. Pair that with jaw-dropping designs from some of San Diego’s most talented designers, and you have one breathtaking event! I want to give a huge shoutout to not only the designers, but also to the producers who organized and planned the show, as it does not come easy. Producing a runway show takes time, dedication, patience, and effort. Well done!

Designer: Responsive Textiles

When it comes to my style, I am very simplistic. I appreciate classic designs that can be molded into masterpieces displaying new concepts and creations. Each designer that set the stage, was able to clearly identify the inspiration behind their designs, yet construct it into art with rare patterns and layouts.

Designer: Lady Lane

Another aspect of the designs that I strongly admired, was the femininity used in the women’s collections. Although majority of the designers used a simplistic direction, the garments displayed elegantly on the body, bringing a new meaning to San Diego fashion.

Designer: Responsive Textiles

This was Fashion Week San Diego’s 4th year in production which is a huge milestone for our community! As a woman who started her career in fashion, it is truly inspiring to see the world of opportunity open for those like-minded individuals who are pursing their dreams in this industry, open in the beautiful city we live in.

Designer: NaPostol

Designer: Alexandra Marie

To learn more about Fashion Week San Diego, you can visit the website at

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  1. Stephanie
    October 13, 2015 / 1:28 AM

    Lovely collections. Love that floral top and the blue dress! So unique!

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