HUMAN: A Film By Yann Arthus-Bertrand

When I woke up to greet the week, I felt changed; awakened. I was thankful. I was happy. I was content.

HUMAN is a film that I have been wanting to watch for quite some time now, and was finally able to take the time to watch it last weekend. I knew this film was going to awaken something within myself that is unspeakable. It re-gifted me with my dire need for creativity that often dies due to time, energy, and the simple reality of life. It is a film such as this one, that awoke my creativity to continue my passion for writing, expanding the beauty of love, happiness as well as awareness of life itself. It is an ultimate goal of mine to follow the same footsteps of this artist, to awaken what makes us who we are, even considering all the turmoil that we live in, and how we can continue to find love and happiness no matter the circumstances.

“Love is the beginning and the end. Love is where we come from, where we’re going, and what we live between the two. Love is everything.”

All of the interviews that are conducted throughout this film, involve people from all over the world. No matter what ethnicity we are, we are all human, searching for the same thing, and that is love & happiness. Love & happiness within our homes, our families and what keeps us going. What keeps us alive.

The more serious topics that are discussed throughout this film deal with emotions heavily. Emotions from sadness, anger, but most importantly love, and compassion. I believe this film was made to not only bring awareness to the global and economical issues that circle the world, but to also make you think about where you stand in your life. As human beings, we have the tendency to single ourselves out in the world. We get so consumed in our daily trials, that we neglect the fact that there are others who suffer much greater than we do. Yet, it is through that suffering, that they can find joy and serenity in their lives, which is truly inspiring.

There are different parts to this film. There is the extended versions found here, which are broken down into three (3) volumes:

Part 1: Involves love, women, work and poverty.
Part 2: Involves war, forgiving, homosexuality, family and life after death.
Part 3: Involves happiness, education, disability, immigration, corruption and the meaning of life.

You can also watch each individual interview on the HUMAN, the Movie’s Youtube channel, here. I find it truly beautiful that these are stories from real people, all over the world who are living to fulfill a purpose similar to mine. It is that divine power that connects us all. That is the pure power that makes us human, and gives us meaning to our existence.

With Love,


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