L.A.B.2 Makeup Brushes and Review


L.A.B.2 partnered with the San Diego Humane Society this past weekend for April Animal Cruelty Prevention Month, hosting a Makeup Brush Trade-In and Animal Adoption Drive. As a treat for trading in your natural animal-hair makeup brushes, L.A.B.2 gifted their cruelty-free Pro Brush Kit. The team with L.A.B.2 was very outgoing and very passionate about the product, which of course made me super excited to try these brushes! I bring you Love and Mimosas’ review on the L.A.B.2 Pro Brush Kit Makeup Brushes.

For starters, I would like to point out the packaging of these brushes. I find the packaging to be quite luxurious. The material is sleek, the design is stylish, and the structure is well built. This type of packaging is not something you see with other brushes, considering the price point. The brushes are held within the packaging by a foam board that can act as a holder for the brushes to place on your vanity or makeup table. This is a nice and practical addition to add with the brushes.

The kit comes with four (4) brushes: a foundation brush, a buffing brush, a contour brush and an eyeshadow brush. Each brush varies in the length of the bristles, the length of the brush, and the handle. As for the brushes themselves, each handle displays the L.A.B.2 logo as well as the name of the brush, separated by color. The name on the face brushes is a light green and the eye brush is blue. The brushes are exquisitely made and the quality of the bristles is amazing! They are very soft to the touch and feel great on the skin.

Foundation Brush –

The width and depth of the bristles and the brush are on the smaller size than say a flat top foundation brush or a bigger sized paddle foundation brush. The bristles are about 2 inches tall and the width of the feral, including the bristles, are about an inch thick. Personally, this is not the type of brush I would use for foundation. Considering the size, this brush is perfect for concealing. It allows the perfect precision for the small areas on the face.

Buffing Brush –

Now this is my kind of brush! I use brushes of this shape and density for liquid and cream foundation. I have a similar brush from Sedona Lace that I have used for concealer as well. This brush is ideal for creating an airbrushed effect on the skin. Overall, beautiful brush and I will be reaching for it quite often!

Contour Brush –

This brush is the perfect size to get within the contoured areas of the face. The bristles are very soft yet durable to pick up the right amount of product. This will be a staple piece in my collection, as I don’t have very defined cheekbones, but love to contour that area. This allows me to create the perfect defined line as my guide, as well as blending to polish off the look.

Eyeshadow Brush –

As an overall eyeshadow brush to apply color to the lid, this brush works great. The bristles are densely fitted to pack eyeshadow on the lid but allow movement to blend over the lid. I tend to reach for bigger, fluffy brushes to blend out color in the crease, but with the movement of the bristles on this brush, you can blend in the crease with slow strokes.

I hope you enjoyed this review and stay tuned for an everyday look using these brushes. A big thank you to the team at L.A.B.2 for the invite to the event as well as the brushes. You can find L.A.B.2 brushes on their website at www.lab2beauty.com, select Walmart stores, and Amazon.com!

With Love,

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