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This is not my normal type of beauty post but I believe it can be helpful! As an avid drinker of coffee and wine, it is important for me to maintain a consistent and healthy routine for dental care, to keep my smile shining bright! Love and Mimosas is here to present to you my dental hygiene routine for those pearly whites!

>> Toothbrush <<

While browsing around Target, I came across this Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum rechargeable sonic toothbrush system on sale for an extremely great price. For as long as I can remember, I have been using a standard toothbrush which I felt did the trick, but it doesn’t compare to this gem of a brush. Considering the price, I felt it was time to upgrade. To my surprise, the features of this toothbrush are exquisite!

As described on the box, the system includes the following:

 || 1 Sonicare Toothbrush Handle ||

|| 2 InterCare Brush Heads (Standard) ||

|| 1 UV Brush Head Sanitizer ||

|| 1 Travel Charger ||

|| 2 Hygienic Travel Caps ||

|| 1 Travel Case ||

The toothbrush has three personalized modes to suit your brushing needs – Clean, White, and GumCare. When I have the extra time, I aim to use all three modes. The Clean setting is your mode for normal brushing aiming to remove plaque buildup. The White setting consists of 2 minutes of brushing to whiten, polish and remove surface stains (great for coffee and wine drinkers like myself). With the right toothpaste, this setting works wonders on the color tone of your teeth. As for GumCare, this is a combination of 2 minutes of cleaning plus a minute of gum massaging to improve your overall gum health. I will say that my dental hygiene routine has improved dramatically since I have owned this brush, as it makes it more fun to brush!

>> Toothpaste <<

I recently switched from being a Crest woman for years to using Sensodyne. I was very hesitant to make this switch but now my teeth are thanking me for it! Not only have I notice a change in the color of my teeth, my mouth just feels happy! Of course that all depends on if that is even possible. I never considered myself having sensitive teeth but I would feel sensitivity occasionally when drinking very cold beverages or cold products such as ice cream. Since I have started using this toothpaste, that is not an issue anymore. I guess you can say that this product lives up to its full purpose.

>> Mouthwash <<

I don’t mean to get tricky but I like to change my mouthwash up. Typically in the mornings, I will use the Crest Pro Health Complete rinse as it gives more of a deep clean feeling and freshens the breath more than the Rembrandt. The Rembrandt however, is a great polish after cleaning which I use more in the evenings.

>> Whitening <<

As I am quite fond of the results I get from the tools and products I have described above, I very rarely use the Crest Whitening Strips but will reach for them every now and then. These I like, as they seem to work very quickly without having to wear them for too long. I recommend having a soft bristle toothbrush available to swipe over your teeth after using these strips, as the gel is quite thick. Then rinse with your favorite mouthwash. Personally, I will typically grab for the Rembrandt after using these white strips as well.

Hope you enjoyed this post and remember, the world is waiting to see you smile!

With Love,

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