Scrub-it Out!

I have had a beauty epiphany! I haven’t worked in cosmetics for quite some time which means my skin has been lacking luxury… as well as my undivided attention. I’ve noticed that as I am transitioning into fitness and trying to eat healthier, I’ve become aware of my poor choices in skincare products lately.

Working in cosmetics, I had the divine power of a magical concept called “Gratis” “Product Discounts” and “Samples”. As my accessible choice in selection has diminished, my beauty routine has consisted of Tar-zhay‘s most decadent essentials. Don’t get me wrong, I am in love with Target as compulsive buying comes easier and the beauty steals catch my eye >> But products with essential ingredients your skin should endure… takes a bit more research, attention, and potentially a few more pretty pennies.

One beauty ritual in particular has been my fond interest in skin exfoliants. I’ve used products from high-end brands such as Estee Lauder – to – St. Ives Apricot and Green Tea scrubs. I felt my skin needed it… but I was sadly mistaken. I decided to do a little experiment where I went an entire month without using a facial scrub and my skin was transformed! The importance of this article is to explain in the simplest way the effects exfoliators can have on your skin… The ones I knew of for years but refused to believe.

There are three (3) reasons as to why you might use a facial scrub: exfoliate dry/flaky skin, deep clean pores, and/or overall skin clarity and luminosity. These reasons sound appealing don’t they? That’s the misleading thing about skin exfoliators. The marketing is done splendidly, making your skin DESIRE it. But, lets take a step backwards.

Dry/Flaky Skin –

The skin on your face is delicate. Using a facial scrub may remove the dry skin on the surface, but it also irritates the new skin cells underneath. Damage to new skin cells leads to scarring and premature aging. Treat your skin the same way you would treat a cut or scrape. The dry skin is your scab in a sense. Try to moisturize to dissolve the dead skin versus scrubbing it away.

Deep Cleaning –

Most facial scrubs remove the natural oils that should remain within the barriers of your skin. The scrubs are often too coarse, exfoliating the top layers of the skin, leaving the pores freshly opened for toxic ingredients to excessively dry beneath the surface. This gives little to no room for your skin to naturally repair itself. Optimal repair is key for cell turnover! >> Trust me.. you want this << Try aiming to use a deep cleanser with natural bacteria killing ingredients (such as honey), that is also hydrating and nourishing on the skin.

Clarity and Luminosity –

With the wrong product, your skin will lack clarity and luminosity. Over drying of the pores, scratching new, fresh skin, risks the chance of your skin developing scarring of the tissue, redness and overall dull looking skin. If you want to brighten your skin, use products with Vitamin C, drinks plenty of water, and refrain from being in the sun unprotected.

Now, if you must exfoliate… aim for organic scrubs made with salt, sugar, oatmeal and/or coffee grinds. Refrain from any and all products that contain “micro beads“. Micro Beads are made of plastic, causing small rips and tears in the skin. You would think common sense right? Wrong.

As consumers, we get wrapped up into product hype, where we don’t think about the damage our choices are making to our skin, until it is too late. By using the wrong exfoliators, i’ve developed hyper-pigmentation, a lot of redness, and enlarged pores. By giving up one of my favorite scrubs, my skin changed, and for the better. It’s clearer, more radiant, and most importantly, healthy!

Tell those awful exfoliators goodbye and live beautifully and bubbly!

With Love,

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