Vanguard Culture – An Artist @ The Table w/ Roman de Salvo

The creative arts are taking over San Diego, one event at a time!

I had the pleasure to experience a gathering like never before! I would like to introduce Vanguard Culture’s An Artist @ The Table, featuring a surreal dinner experience involving a four-course meal prepared by Chef Carlos Anthony Sanmartano, Executive Chef of San Diego’s Salt and Cleaver, wine pairing provided by Baja Wine + Food, iconic ocean views in an impeccable Encinitas home, and the innovative local artist Roman de Salvo.


“Vanguard Culture is an online media entity designed for culturally savvy, socially conscious individuals searching for unique visual and performing arts experiences while making a difference in their community.”


I have always been passionate about the arts. I find artistic experiences and movements to be both mentally and visually stimulating. I could sit in a dark room full of individuals who are inspired by art, with no ability to see them or anything around me for that matter, and I would still feel enlightened. I believe there is a divine energy that circulates within the culture, which is what makes art an emotional drive for those likeminded people.

What was truly unique about this event, was how personal it was. It allowed us to have one-on-one conversation with the featured artist and the other attendees. Doesn’t this table look so inviting?! Look at that view!


The dinner that was prepared for us was delicious! I wasn’t able to get good photos of the meal as I’ve never been one who takes photos of food and quite honestly, I was too busy stuffing my face. I did, however, save the menu to do the write up for this article so here is the full course menu for you to get an idea! To learn more about how fabulous chef, read here.

Course One: Sea poached turnip (oyster brother champagne) in a bed of pea shoots and pods, pickled cucumber spheres and cucumber mint pea broth

Course Two: Hen of the wood mushroom, roasted Jerusalem artichoke sherry walnut vinaigrette, Burratta and shaved truffle with a mushroom Demi

Course Three: Beet and ricotta gnocchi, beet top pesto & aged balsamic

Course Four: Strawberry preserved lemon rhubarb crumble


During the dinner I got into a discussion or more like a personal discovery with my friend on the mastery behind cuisines and wine pairing. The more I go wine tasting and attend social events focused around the craft behind wine, I realize I am becoming a bit of a wine snob.

I have become not only particular about the wine I drink, but I am more aware about what wines to pair with certain foods. Without getting into too much detail, I will just leave you with this. With every sip I raise my glass to those artists who have conquered the connection between flavors and ingredients to create a masterpiece in my mouth. Bravo!

Course One: Monte Xanic Chardonnay 2014

Course Two: Lomita Tinto de la Hacienda 2013 (Cabernet Blend)

Course Three: Adobe Guadalupe Serafiel 2013 (Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah)

Course Four: Monte Xanic Chenin Blanc 2015




As I thought about how to describe Roman’s artwork or how I perceived it more or less, there was only one thought that came to mind… Ingenuity meets design: exceptional work focused on craftsmanship, visual planning/coordination, and detail. If you look at his work (below are a view examples), you will notice perfect symmetry, while also breaking the laws of balance in a beautiful way.

Not only do I appreciate his work, but his humble personality and charm add to the mix.

{Click the photo to see more of Roman de Salvo’s work}

To conclude this article, I can not thank Vanguard Culture and Susanna Peredo, Founder and CEO enough for such a wonderful evening. To learn more about Vanguard Culture, you can visit their website at or check out their Facebook page here!



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  1. MK
    April 5, 2016 / 6:31 AM

    You know, pairing wine with food is one thing, but pairing wine with art? That sounds like a ton of fun and a great way to experience both.

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