20 Ways to Live a Happier Life

Our lives are nothing less of extraordinary. We have the divine power to wake up each morning with the chance to be the amazing people we want to be. It is by the opportunities that life provides us, that truly uplifts our souls.

I am what you would call an extreme optimist or what I would call a lifestyle enthusiast. I am a strong believer that the roads we all take in life teach us a number of lessons that should continue to inspire us each day. There are lessons that have undoubtedly led me to the life of internal happiness that I have always dreamed of. These are my ways to live a happier life, and now I would like to share those with you.


1. Live a Life of Good Intentions – The World Will Unfold Before You

2. Take The Time To Listen – It Will Broaden Your Mind

3. Experience Love  – It’s The Best Way To Find YOU

4. Indulge in Your Small Pleasures & Relive Them Often

5. Learn To Trust – It’s What Keeps Mankind Alive

6. Strive To Be Optimistic – Your Soul Will Thank You For It

7. Surround Yourself With Influential People – It Will Naturally Boost Your Energy

8. Kiss With a Smile – It Shows Love, Gratitude and Compassion

9. Never Regret Mistakes – Aim To Learn and Grow From Them

10. Say Please and Thank You – It Will Impact Those Around You

11. Escape to Music – It Connects Both the Body and Mind

12. Take Time for Complete Solitude –  It Provides You with Clarity

13. Look Into The Eyes of Whom You are Speaking With – It Builds a Sense of Connection and Security

14. Be Present With Those You Are Around and Yourself – That Moment is the Only Moment that Matters

15. Listen to Your Voice – It Creates Enlightenment Within

16. Take A Drive Alone – Your Are in Full Control of Your Direction

17. Be Yourself – There is No One Better to Be

18. Read – Someones Story Will Inspire Yours

19. Find Comfort in the Stars – They Can Keep a Secret

20. Post What Makes You Happy Below! Connect with Me!

With Love,



  1. Monique
    November 16, 2015 / 9:23 PM

    Kiss with a smile, my favorite! Thank you for these, great reminders to live a joy-filled life, and to take in the sweet moments…xo

    • November 16, 2015 / 10:08 PM

      Thank you very much Monique! I plan to have more posts similar to this one coming very soon! Also, I viewed your site as you noticed from Twitter. Please add me to your email list as I’d love to see more! xx

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